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Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Omer Mehmet, Dartford

Cherise Phillips

My name is Cherise, I am a mortgage and protection administrator for Trinity Finance. I have been working in this industry since February 2018, I provide support for all the brokers with their applications and ensuring they are compliant. Part of my role is working closely with the brokers talking to the lenders and solicitors to help make the process for the clients as smooth and friendly as possible. This means part of my job is making sure each clients expectation are met to a satisfactory level.

Part of my daily duties is to liaise with the underwriters of the lenders to ensure our client’s mortgages are going through with the lenders smoothly, I also discuss with the lenders the booking of our clients surveys so each property can have their valuation done to ensure the lender can lend the amount the client is requiring, once the lender has made an offer to our client we then start contacting the solicitors and continue to obtain update from the solicitors and provide relevant documents to them all the way through to completion.

In my spare time out of work, I enjoy keeping fit at my local exercise classes 3 times a week, along with reading novels and having family days out.

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