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Louie Chalk

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Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Omer Mehmet, Dartford

Louis Chalk (CeMAP)

I have worked in the financial services industry for the last 11 years, beginning my career at Barclays I have undertaken many different roles which has helped me understand and advise people through the different stages of peoples financial journeys. Having left Barclays I decided to specialise in what I felt was my strongest area and joined Countrywide Mortgage Services before joining Trinity in November 2014, needless to say it was the best move I could have made!

Having worked across the whole of South London, mainly Clapham/Battersea/Crystal Palace and now based predominantly in South East London where I have office space not only at our head office in Welling but also in Catford and Lewisham I can advise on all types of mortgages from people looking to buy their first homes, finding a great rate for your upcoming remortgage or if you are looking to explore property as way of an investment. I have extensive knowledge of the different property types you may face due to the areas I have covered and am an expert in the governments Help to Buy and affordable housing schemes.

My clients would say I always go the extra mile to ensure everything is understood and am always on call to answer any questions as I value timely communication one of the most important parts of my role. Please check out some of my reviews to see for yourselves!
Outside of the mortgage world you will find me socialising with my friends, attempting to get down the gym as much as possible and an avid football fan.

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