Beneficial Lifetime Mortgages in Stockbridge

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With a lifetime mortgage, you can enjoy a bit of financial freedom later in life in Stockbridge. You may prefer to receive a lump sum to pay for something in particular or want to receive smaller amounts on a regular basis to make your retirement more enjoyable. Our qualified mortgage brokers, located throughout Edinburgh, can arrange this for you quickly and efficiently. Having discussed your needs and the types of lifetime mortgages available, they can proceed with your preferred option.

Get in touch with our specialist mortgage advisers today on 01322 907 000 or send us an email at We give you impartial advice on all lifetime mortgage details so you can make the appropriate choice for your needs. If it’s out of office hours, send an enquiry to us via our online contact form. One of our mortgage experts will reply to you as quickly as possible.

A lifetime mortgage arrangement to suit you

At Trinity Finance, our professional mortgage consultants are qualified in their areas of expertise. Our equity release specialists in Edinburgh can source the best lifetime mortgage deal to suit your needs and preferences.

Our mortgage experts can explain the differences to you between a roll-up, drawdown and interest serviced lifetime mortgage. As well as helping you understand the benefits of each option, they will also ensure you understand the drawbacks. There are various fees to consider when opting for a lifetime mortgage and it may affect your tax position. Our financial advisers will discuss these in detail with you so that you’re fully aware of what’s involved.

It’s important to remember that the value of your estate will be reduced when you take out a lifetime mortgage. Our mortgage brokers in Edinburgh can find a lifetime mortgage product for you that has a ‘no negative equity guarantee’. This means your estate is not liable to pay more than the value of your home when it is sold.

Have peace of mind with a lifetime mortgage in Stockbridge

We have helped many clients in Stockbridge and the surrounding areas to release equity from their homes and benefit from the absence of monthly mortgage repayments. Our specialist mortgage brokers have arranged lifetime mortgages for numerous satisfied clients throughout Edinburgh, including those located in Tollcross, Haymarket, the Southside, Morningside and other nearby areas.

Call us on 01322 907 000 to discover the lifetime mortgage options available to you. We can also discuss a home reversion plan with you if you’re not sure that a lifetime mortgage is the right equity release product for you. We can explore alternative options too if you’re still undecided, such as a retirement interest-only mortgage or remortgaging your home.

Our wide range of mortgage and financial services also includes insurance cover, specialist finance products and estate planning. Whatever your needs, just send an email to us at or an enquiry via our contact form. Our mortgage specialists will reply to you as quickly as possible.

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