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Applying for a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage is one of the biggest tasks a person will face in their life, which is why we are here to help.

All of your questions will be answered, we will provide you with a timescale and we will walk you through all parts of an application.

If you have any queries or you need confidence, we will ensure you receive the support and guidance you need before you submit your mortgage application.

Finding the right mortgage for you

Not all mortgages or indeed, mortgage lenders are the same. We offer independent mortgage advice that helps you find the mortgage that is best for your needs and requirements. We take the time to listen to you and find out your aims and ambitions. This helps us to provide you with tailored support and guidance in your mortgage search.

We can manage your application from start to end if required, so please get in touch for more details. However, we know some clients are only looking for guidance on finding the best mortgage quote, and we can assist you with this too.

We will provide you with information on the best mortgages that are available to you. This information can be sorted and viewed in a manner that makes choosing the most applicable one easier. There are many factors to consider when choosing a mortgage, including:

• Are there early repayment charges?
• What is the monthly cost of the mortgage?
• Will the monthly cost change?
• What is the overall cost of the mortgage?

It is best to consider all these aspects before deciding on which mortgage is best for you.

Applying for a mortgage

Trinity Finance are on hand to assist you to complete your mortgage application and as stated above, if you want help from start to finish, we are on hand to assist you.

We can offer a dedicated mortgage consultant

Given that obtaining a mortgage is likely to be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, it makes sense to get as much help as you can. We will provide you with a mortgage consultant who will be your single point of contact.

Your mortgage application will be presented to your chosen lender and hopefully, they will agree in principle, At this stage, the lender will review your credit score and your application will be vetted. At this stage, when an agreement in principle has been reached, we will deduct any due costs from you.

Our support system ensures we offer comprehensive backing and we can help to retain complete control over the application process. We will ensure you are fully informed of the process of your application.

There will be times when the lender requires to see original documents, such as a P60 or a passport, but we can do this on their behalf, ensuring your original documents do not go further than ourselves. We will endeavor to view, copy and return these documents in a matter of days.

When the lender is happy that all aspects of the application have been completed, the mortgage offer will be presented to you and your solicitor, arriving via the mail. At this point, your solicitor will likely lead your activities, but we are here to assist you if required.

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