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Bad Credit Mortgages by Omer Mehmet

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A good Credit History is really important, especially if your wish to apply for some of the best mortgage deals that are currently available.

However if you have poor credit history that doesn’t mean that you wont be able to get a mortgage. Now you may not be able to a get a mortgage with your own bank, but there are a number of lenders the specialise in what’s know in our industry as ‘adverse credit’

The are lots of reasons why you may have bad credit….it could be do to a life event, poor management of your finances or perhaps you simply weren’t aware of the financial consequences of not paying your bills on time.

If you have had multiple late or missed payments, County Court Judgements, Defaults, Bankruptcy, Mortgages Arrears, IVA’s, you many be in a current Debt Management Plans or have previously been repossessed….. The first thing I would recommend that you obtain a copy of your credit report and you can do that with one of the credit reference agency such as Experian, Equifax or Noddle. Once you have done that get in touch with us here at Trinity Finance and we will be able to give you all your options.

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