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Build your dream home with a self-build mortgage

Building your own home lets you design it exactly how you want, creating the home…

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Why remortgage your high-value property?

Unlock the potential in your high-value property with a remortgage. You can benefit from significant…

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Releasing equity from high-value properties

Being able to release some of the capital tied up in your high-value property offers…

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Become A Landlord With A Large Buy-to-let Mortgage Loan - Trinity Finance

Become a landlord with a large buy-to-let mortgage loan

Buy-to-let mortgages are increasingly popular as high property prices and a lack of affordable new-build…

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Get Help As A First-time Buyer With The First Homes Scheme Trinity Finance

Get help as a first-time buyer with the First Homes scheme

Are you looking to buy your first home locally but the property prices in your…

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What help is available when buying with a police mortgage?

High property prices and the inability to save an adequate deposit mean many potential buyers…

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How easy is it to secure a police mortgage?

When you’re dealing with shift patterns, a low starting salary and having to rely on…

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Saving a deposit for your police mortgage

Just like any buyer looking to secure a mortgage, saving an adequate deposit for your…

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The benefits of interest-only large mortgage loans

Interest-only mortgages are a popular choice when it comes to large mortgage loans. They offer…

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The availability of £1 million mortgages

As property prices have continued to increase in recent years, so too has the number…

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Assets under management vs dry lending

When looking to secure large mortgage loans of more than £1 million, high net worth…

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What Is A High Net Worth Mortgage? Trinity Finance

What is a high net worth mortgage?

As a high net worth individual, applying for a mortgage in the traditional way via…

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Is a long or short mortgage term better?

When thinking about a mortgage, one of the main decisions you need to make is…

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The stages that your mortgage application can be declined

Hearing that your mortgage application has been declined is frustrating and upsetting but this doesn’t…

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How To Proceed If Your Mortgage Is Declined Trinity Finance London

How to proceed if your mortgage is declined

The last thing you want to hear when you’re looking forward to buying a property…

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Applying For A Mortgage

Applying for a mortgage

Buying a home is probably the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make and you want…

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How to prepare for your mortgage application

There’s nothing worse than spending hours of your time researching mortgage types, interest rates and…

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Benefit from the flexibility of an offset mortgage

You may not have heard of offset mortgages before or be aware of their potential…

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10 tips to improve your success for a contractor mortgage

Whereas it was once difficult to be accepted for a mortgage as a contractor, lenders…

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Securing a mortgage as a contractor

As a contractor, you’re used to enjoying flexibility in your work but the downside is…

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No Deposit? Fund Your Next Project With 100% Development Finance

No deposit? Fund your next project with 100% development finance

You may be ready to move onto your next development but have no deposit available…

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Use mezzanine finance to help fund your project

As a property developer, you may be looking for additional funding for your project on…

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What is development exit finance?

Development exit finance allows you to repay your original development finance once your project has…

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How to ensure your development finance application is successful

Whether you’re looking to secure development finance for a new-build, conversion or refurbishment project, it’s…

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Tackle large projects using development finance

Development finance is a good option when you need funding for a large project that…

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Applying for a mortgage when you’re self-employed

It can be challenging to get a mortgage when you’re self-employed but it is possible.…

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Take Advantage Of The New 95% Mortgages

Take advantage of the new 95% mortgages

A new 95% mortgage guarantee scheme has been announced by the government, which is great…

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How A Let-to-buy Mortgage Can Be Helpful

How a let-to-buy mortgage can be helpful

There may be a time when you want to buy a property to be your…

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Apply For The First Home Fund As A First-time Buyer In Scotland

Apply for the First Home Fund as a first-time buyer in Scotland

As a first-time buyer in Scotland, you can benefit from a £25,000 equity loan from…

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Benefit From The Stamp Duty Holiday Extension

Benefit from the stamp duty holiday extension

The announcement of the stamp duty holiday extension until the end of June is great…

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Can You Get A Buy-to-let Mortgage As A First-time Buyer?

Can you get a buy-to-let mortgage as a first-time buyer?

When you want to buy a property as an investment with the intention of renting…

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A Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) Mortgage Explained

A joint borrower sole proprietor (JBSP) mortgage explained

When you don’t have the affordability to be approved for a mortgage on your own,…

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The Benefits Of A Joint Mortgage In Bexleyheath

The benefits of a joint mortgage

Look forward to sharing ownership of your home with your partner, a family member or…

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Buying a property with shared ownership

When the possibility of buying a home outright is alluding you, shared ownership is worth…

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How a guarantor mortgage can help you

There are many hurdles to overcome when trying to secure a mortgage deal, such as…

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A new 5% deposit mortgage scheme for first-time buyers

Good news is on the horizon for first-time buyers who, so far, are struggling to…

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How to apply for the Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme​​

The new Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme for first-time buyers is now open for…

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House Buying London

The new Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme for first-time buyers​

Set to begin in April 2021 and continue until the end of March 2023, a…

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What Is The LIFT Scheme

What is the LIFT scheme?

When you’re looking to get onto the property ladder in Scotland but the prices are…

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Understanding The Need For Home Reports In Scotland

Understanding the need for Home Reports in Scotland

A Home Report gives you essential information about a property for sale in Scotland so…

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Financial help when buying a property in Scotland

It can be really difficult to find all the funds necessary to buy a property…

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What Is A High Net Worth Mortgage? Trinity Finance

How does the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) affect your purchase​?

Just as the stamp duty threshold was raised in England and Northern Ireland in response…

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Should you remortgage to consolidate your debts?

If you’ve racked up a lot of debt and are finding it hard to meet…

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How does a retirement interest-only mortgage compare with equity release?

If you’re over 55 and a homeowner, it would be comforting not to have to…

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Is Equity Release A Good Way To Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Is equity release a good way to pay off your mortgage?

When you’re retired or approaching retirement, the thought of paying off your mortgage and freeing…

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Can you buy a second property using equity release?

Are you thinking about buying a second property and wondering if equity release is a…

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Using equity release to reduce inheritance tax

You’ve built up your estate’s value for many years to ensure that your loved ones…

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A lifetime mortgage vs. a home reversion plan

Having decided that equity release is right for you, you need to choose between a…

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Lifetime mortgages explained

As the most popular form of equity release product, a lifetime mortgage lets you use…

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Can You Benefit From Equity Release With A Bad Credit Rating?

Can you benefit from equity release with a bad credit rating?

With a bad credit history, you’ve probably found it hard to be accepted for any…

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7 Differences In The Scottish Home-buying Process Compared With England And Wales​

7 differences in the Scottish home-buying process compared with England and Wales​

Scotland has its own legal system and this applies to the home-buying process, which is…

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Equity Release​ Bexley

Are you considering equity release​?

If you’re over 55 and own your own home, you may have considered equity release.…

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Does working from home affect your mortgage?

Many of us have now experienced working from home during the lockdown that resulted from…

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What is a semi-commercial mortgage​?

A semi-commercial mortgage is a loan that’s specifically designed for a property consisting of both…

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Property Auction

13 tips to getting a bargain at a property auction

Auctions are increasingly popular for finding bargain properties and benefitting from quick sales but it…

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The Pros And Cons Of A Commercial Mortgage

The pros and cons of a commercial mortgage

When you’re looking to expand your business, you’ve probably considered a commercial mortgage. You might…

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What Types Of Properties Can You Find At Auctions

What types of properties can you find at auctions?

All types of properties are found at auctions but certain types sell better at traditional…

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Is A Commercial Mortgage Right For You​

Is a commercial mortgage right for you​?

When you need a business loan secured against a property that isn’t classed as your…

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Can You Secure A Commercial Mortgage With Bad Credit

Can you secure a commercial mortgage with bad credit

If you’ve been wondering whether you can secure a commercial mortgage with bad credit, the…

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How To Apply For A Commercial Mortgage

How to apply for a commercial mortgage

When considering a commercial mortgage, you need to ensure your business can cover the monthly…

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Stamp Duty Savings

How the stamp duty holiday can benefit you​

After a slump in the housing market following the coronavirus pandemic, a new stamp duty…

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How to prepare for an auction purchase as a first-time buyer​

As a first-time buyer, you may be finding it hard to get a foot on…

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Mortgage Advice Zoom Meetings

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan provides you with short-term finance when you’re purchasing a property. As its…

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Buying a property via an online auction

Online auctions, just like traditional ones, provide a fast and transparent transaction without the risk…

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COVID-19: The government’s measures to help the self-employed

If you’re self-employed and your business has taken a hit due to the coronavirus crisis,…

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As an employee, what government support can you expect during this pandemic

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, your workplace might have had to close temporarily…

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The Impact Of The Coronavirus Crisis On Buy-to-let Mortgages

The impact of the coronavirus crisis on buy-to-let mortgages

There’s no doubt about it, the buy-to-let market has been hit hard by the coronavirus…

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Buy To Let Mortgages London

How does the COVID-19 lockdown affect your purchase?

With the lockdown measures in place, you may be worried that the coronavirus crisis has…

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Mortgage Advice In Welling, Bexley

Remortgage: ease your financial pressure during the coronavirus pandemic

With the financial impact caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, you may be considering a remortgage…

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Will a mortgage holiday help you during the coronavirus lockdown?

With the lockdown continuing in light of the coronavirus pandemic, you may find yourself under…

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Mortgage Brokers In London

How to get ready for your mortgage application during lockdown​

While the government has all but put the brakes on the property market due to…

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A historic low – how the new base rate affects your mortgage​

In reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, the Bank of England reduced the base rate to…

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Mortgage Advice In Welling, Bexley

The main types of property survey

What is a property survey? A property survey assesses the condition of the property you’re…

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Applying For A Mortgage London

Porting your mortgage

Porting your mortgage — can you take your mortgage with you? As a homeowner looking…

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Help To Buy Mortgage London

How the Bank of Mum and Dad can help you buy your home

Like many people, you can’t wait to get your foot on the property ladder but…

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Letting Your Property London

The different mortgage types to consider

You’re excited to buy a property and ready to apply for a mortgage but with…

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Borrowing In To Retirement

Gazumping: what it means and how you can avoid it

Gazumping: what it means and how you can avoid it You’ve found your dream home,…

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Applying For A Mortgage

Lifetime ISAs

What is a Lifetime ISA? A Lifetime ISA (LISA) is an account that’s specifically designed…

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Funding Home Improvements London

8 tips for first-time buyers

You’re ready to take your first step on the property ladder but where do you…

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House Buying London

What to avoid as a first-time buyer

Buying your first home is really exciting but it can also feel like a minefield…

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Your mortgage deposit explained

How much you need and how to save up for it You’re ready to buy…

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Mortgage Types London

Help to Buy schemes

What are they and are you eligible? Whether you’re looking to buy your first property…

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