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How The Bank Of England’s Interest Rate Rise To 0.25% Affects Your Mortgage

How the Bank of England’s interest rate rise to 0.25% affects your mortgage

For the first time in almost 3 years, the Bank of England has increased the…

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The differences between leasehold and freehold properties

You may not have given much thought to the difference between freehold and leasehold when…

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Unlock The Potential In Your Home With A Second Charge Mortgage

Unlock the potential in your home with a second charge mortgage

As a homeowner, you can borrow money from your home without having to remortgage. A…

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The Need For Due Diligence With An Auction Purchase

The need for due diligence with an auction purchase

Buying a property at auction is a fast process and a good opportunity to obtain…

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Buy A Property Quickly Via An Auction

Buy a property quickly via an auction

When you want to buy a property quickly without the worry of being stuck in…

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Buying property for renovation at auction

Auctions are a great place for finding properties that require renovation. These types of properties…

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Are you looking to buy a commercial property at auction?

Buying commercial property at auction has become increasingly popular. Auctions offer a wide variety of…

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Build your dream home with a self-build mortgage

Building your own home lets you design it exactly how you want, creating the home…

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Why remortgage your high-value property?

Unlock the potential in your high-value property with a remortgage. You can benefit from significant…

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Releasing equity from high-value properties

Being able to release some of the capital tied up in your high-value property offers…

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Become A Landlord With A Large Buy-to-let Mortgage Loan - Trinity Finance

Become a landlord with a large buy-to-let mortgage loan

Buy-to-let mortgages are increasingly popular as high property prices and a lack of affordable new-build…

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Get Help As A First-time Buyer With The First Homes Scheme Trinity Finance

Get help as a first-time buyer with the First Homes scheme

Are you looking to buy your first home locally but the property prices in your…

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What help is available when buying with a police mortgage?

High property prices and the inability to save an adequate deposit mean many potential buyers…

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How easy is it to secure a police mortgage?

When you’re dealing with shift patterns, a low starting salary and having to rely on…

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Saving a deposit for your police mortgage

Just like any buyer looking to secure a mortgage, saving an adequate deposit for your…

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