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The benefits of interest-only large mortgage loans

Interest-only mortgages are a popular choice when it comes to large mortgage loans. They offer…

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The availability of £1 million mortgages

As property prices have continued to increase in recent years, so too has the number…

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Assets under management vs dry lending

When looking to secure large mortgage loans of more than £1 million, high net worth…

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What Is A High Net Worth Mortgage? Trinity Finance

What is a high net worth mortgage?

As a high net worth individual, applying for a mortgage in the traditional way via…

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Is a long or short mortgage term better?

When thinking about a mortgage, one of the main decisions you need to make is…

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The stages that your mortgage application can be declined

Hearing that your mortgage application has been declined is frustrating and upsetting but this doesn’t…

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How To Proceed If Your Mortgage Is Declined Trinity Finance London

How to proceed if your mortgage is declined

The last thing you want to hear when you’re looking forward to buying a property…

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Applying For A Mortgage

Applying for a mortgage

Buying a home is probably the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make and you want…

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How to prepare for your mortgage application

There’s nothing worse than spending hours of your time researching mortgage types, interest rates and…

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Benefit from the flexibility of an offset mortgage

You may not have heard of offset mortgages before or be aware of their potential…

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10 tips to improve your success for a contractor mortgage

Whereas it was once difficult to be accepted for a mortgage as a contractor, lenders…

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Securing a mortgage as a contractor

As a contractor, you’re used to enjoying flexibility in your work but the downside is…

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No Deposit? Fund Your Next Project With 100% Development Finance

No deposit? Fund your next project with 100% development finance

You may be ready to move onto your next development but have no deposit available…

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Use mezzanine finance to help fund your project

As a property developer, you may be looking for additional funding for your project on…

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What is development exit finance?

Development exit finance allows you to repay your original development finance once your project has…

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