Make your self-build project easier with a serviced plot

Make your self-build project easier with a serviced plot

Self-build and custom-build projects are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, especially with funding incentives, such as the Help to Build: Equity Loan scheme. When you’re waiting to build your dream home, one aspect that may be holding you back is finding the right plot of land. Locating a suitable plot to build your home on can be challenging. It needs to be in the right area and, when you’ve finally found somewhere, you need to get planning permission. One solution to make the dream of building your own home a reality is using a serviced plot of land.

What is a serviced plot?

A serviced plot is basically a shovel-ready plot of land. Utility connections are already in place, such as electricity, water and mains sewage. Many serviced plots also have a gas connection installed as well as telephone and broadband connections. Access is also provided to a public highway. This doesn’t mean your plot will be right next to a public highway. It just means that there is guaranteed access to one. As the plot is already laid out and the infrastructure in place, you can simply start building your own home.

Who can benefit from using serviced plots?

Serviced plots are ideal for those looking to self-build a bespoke home. With a shortfall in traditional building plots compared with the high demand, larger sites are increasingly being subdivided into separate plots. These buildable plots are appealing to many looking to embark on a self-build or custom-build project. They save time, money and risk when trying to find suitable land, gain planning permission and deal with the infrastructure.

Where can serviced plots be found?

You tend to find serviced plots on the outskirts of towns where land is more readily available. There may be large sites within towns, however, that haven’t been available for use by individual self-builders and could be made into individual plots. To find serviced plots in your preferred area, there are various avenues you can use. You can contact the local authority, local developers, local estate agents and major housebuilders or look online for specialist listings.

Do you need planning permission for a serviced plot?

A huge benefit to serviced plots is that they already have outline planning permission. This is consent in principle with the full details for your development proposal to be put forward at a later stage. Many serviced plots, however, are available with full planning permission. Check the details carefully as you may be restricted slightly with the freedom of your design. For example, some sites may have a design code that determines the size of your home, the materials it’s built with and the position of it within the plot. Other sites will allow you the freedom to design your home as you would on a plot of land you’d found yourself.

The benefits of using a serviced plot

There are various advantages to using a serviced plot to build your home on:

  • They are faster to find than searching for a suitable plot of land that you then need to get planning permission for.
  • Outline planning permission is already granted and, often, you’ll have full planning permission.
  • Everything is in place for you to start building your home immediately.
  • As the infrastructure is in place, you will save time, money and stress. The work has already been done and there’s no need to liaise with the highways departments or the utility companies.
  • Some serviced plots already have the foundations in place.

Considerations when choosing a serviced plot

As well as building a uniquely tailored home, you need to ensure that it’s in the right location to meet your lifestyle needs. For example, if you intend to live in your new home throughout your retirement, it’s best to find a small site in Bexley with only a few plots in a quiet location. On the other hand, as a young family, living on an estate in Bexleyheath that has hundreds of homes will be more beneficial. It will be a much more exciting area to live in and you’ll be close to other young families.

Bear in mind that when you opt for a serviced plot, it will be part of a larger site where others will also be building their homes. Everyone will be at different stages. Therefore, it could be a few years before the entire site is finished and the building works stop.

Simplify your self-build project with our help

Give us a call on 01322 907 000 for expert guidance and advice on your self-build project. Our mortgage brokers can point you in the right direction for serviced building plots for sale in Kent and London. They can also check your eligibility for the Help to Build scheme if you need help with your funding. When you’re ready to proceed with your project, they can search for the best self-build mortgage to suit your needs. You’ll benefit from competitive rates and flexible terms, enabling you to build your own home on a serviced plot.