What is an early repayment charge?

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    Whether you’re a first-time buyer, want to move home, are looking to purchase a commercial property or want to increase your investment portfolio, you need the right mortgage to suit your needs and circumstances. But it’s not easy to find and secure the right mortgage in Kent when searching for one yourself.

    Due to a multitude of lenders offering so many mortgage products, it’s hard to be sure that you’re making the correct decision. You may focus on the best rates but be unaware of the fees that you will have to pay or the terms that will have to be adhered to. As you don’t have any expertise when it comes to mortgages, the whole process can seem quite daunting. Another factor to consider is that many mortgage products aren’t advertised publicly, with lenders only offering them through brokers. So where does that leave you when searching for mortgages in Kent?


    Get impartial advice from our expert mortgage brokers

    Don’t worry, there’s no need to try to secure a mortgage alone. Trinity Finance’s head office is based in Welling, Kent. Our highly trained mortgage advisers are ready to help you source the perfect mortgage. We have access to an unrestricted range of first and second charge lenders. This means that you can rest easy knowing the advice our mortgage brokers offer you is impartial and in your best interest.

    Our CeMAP-qualified mortgage brokers in Kent have thousands of mortgage products at their disposal, including those that aren’t advertised to the general public. This means that they have the ability to search for a mortgage deal that specifically meets your circumstances and requirements. They will compare the mortgage rates, fees and terms to find the best options available to suit your needs. Once you’ve compared these options and are happy to proceed with your chosen mortgage deal, your dedicated mortgage broker in Kent will begin the mortgage process for you.

    You can rest assured that we don’t just submit your mortgage application and then leave you to it. We oversee the mortgage process from start to finish, liaising closely with the lender to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly. We handle all of the details and provide you with regular updates so that you can simply look forward to collecting the keys.

    To get started, call us today on 01322 907 000 to speak with one of our friendly mortgage advisers. If you prefer, send an email to us at info@trinityfinance.co.uk or an enquiry via our contact form. We will reply to you as quickly as possible regarding your Kent mortgage needs.

    Our mortgage brokers in Kent go the extra mile to help you

    Your circumstances and requirements are unique to everyone else’s. We take an in-depth look at your situation to understand how best to proceed when searching for your ideal mortgage. You may be self-employed, for example, or have an adverse credit history. You may be a high net worth individual or need an expat mortgage. Alternatively, you may wish to embark on a self-build project or want to utilise your savings with an offset mortgage.

    We ascertain exactly what you’re looking for in a mortgage, what your circumstances are and when you’d like to complete. Then, we can begin the search for a mortgage product that is specifically tailored to your needs. No situation is too complex for our expert mortgage brokers in Kent to handle. They are used to thinking outside the box to find solutions and have formed good relationships with specialist lenders who offer flexibility with their terms. Just let us know the status quo and we will take it from there.

    At Trinity Finance, we pride ourselves on the service we offer and believe in making your mortgage process straightforward and stress-free. Your dedicated residential or commercial mortgage broker in Kent will guide you through the entire process so you can be confident that everything has been done correctly. While we dot the i’s and cross the t’s, you can focus on getting ready to move into your new home or preparing to find tenants for your buy-to-let property.


    It’s easy to stay in touch with your mortgage broker in Kent

    Life can get very hectic and, whilst we prefer to see you in person, we understand that’s not always possible. If we’re unable to arrange an appointment around your schedule, you can keep in contact with your mortgage adviser over the telephone or via a video consultation. All of our mortgage brokers in Kent have been set up with video conferencing facilities, such as Zoom or Skype. This ensures that you can discuss your mortgage application whenever the need arises.

    Insure your residential, investment or commercial property in Kent

    Buying property is likely to be the biggest purchase you will ever make. So it makes sense to put financial protection in place should anything unforeseen happen to your property. As independent mortgage brokers in Kent, we believe in the importance of protecting your asset, whether it’s a residential, commercial or investment property. We offer various types of insurance to safeguard against unexpected incidents. These include:

    For more information from a mortgage protection expert in Kent, give us a call on 01322 907 000.

    Make sure that you and your family are financially protected

    As well as arranging financial protection for your property, it’s important to think about what protection is in place for you as well as your loved ones. When taking on the long-term financial obligation of a mortgage, consider what would happen if your circumstances changed in the future. Rather than suffer from financial difficulty if events take a turn for the worse, think ahead by taking out protection for you and your family. At Trinity Finance, we offer various protection products to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances. Our qualified mortgage and protection consultants in Kent can assist you with arranging:

    We also offer estate planning services, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones will be looked after when you are no longer here.

    For expert guidance on the protection products available, just give us a call on 01322 907 000. Our mortgage and protection brokers are here to discuss your circumstances and ascertain your needs when it comes to financial protection. They will provide you with impartial advice, allowing you to make an informed decision when it comes to financially safeguarding yourself and your loved ones.


    We organise mortgages and financial protection throughout Kent

    With our head office based in Welling, Kent, our expert mortgage and protection consultants are perfectly located to offer financial solutions to those who need them in the region. We are proud to have helped many satisfied customers, arranging various types of mortgages and remortgages in the local areas. These include BexleyGravesendBromleyDartford and Sevenoaks.

    We also offer other financial products, such as bridging loans and development finance, which may be better suited to your needs. A bridging loan is ideal if you want to purchase a property at auction, for example. Or you may wish to undertake a large project using development finance to fund the land purchase and construction work.

    Our specialist mortgage brokers in Kent are ready to help you no matter what type of finance you’re looking for or how complicated your circumstances may be. Just give us a call on 01322 907 000 to speak with one of our mortgage experts today. Alternatively, send an enquiry to us at info@trinityfinance.co.uk. If you prefer, fill out our online contact form. One of our mortgage brokers in Kent will reply to you as quickly as possible with more information.



    A tracker mortgage usually tracks the Bank of England base rate while a discount mortgage tracks the lender’s SVR. Whilst the rate for a discount mortgage tends to be cheaper than for a tracker mortgage, the lender can increase their SVR at any time and by any amount. This, in turn, increases the amount payable for a discount mortgage and makes this arrangement unpredictable compared with a tracker mortgage. As well as that, lenders don’t tend to apply early repayment charges to tracker mortgages.

    Yes, you can remortgage to a discount mortgage, allowing you to benefit from a cheaper deal. Our mortgage brokers will check your existing deal – for an early repayment charge, for example – and compare it with a new deal, including any fees, to ensure that remortgaging is the best option for you.

    Yes, you can apply for a discount mortgage as a first-time buyer. You’ll need to pass the affordability checks, just as you would with any type of mortgage.

    Yes, you can usually make overpayments although check your lender’s terms for this. Many lenders apply early repayment charges if overpayments are made during the discount period or if a higher overpayment is made than the annual allowance. For example, you can usually make an overpayment of up to 10% per year.