What makes new builds so energy efficient?

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If you’re leaning towards buying a property that’s more energy efficient, new builds are a good choice over older properties. A number of factors make them more energy efficient, including the materials they’re built with, the building techniques used, regulations that have to be met as well as the appliances and fixtures used. Having an energy-efficient home benefits your pocket with cheaper energy bills and helps the environment with lower carbon emissions.

Energy-efficient methods used for new builds

Various energy-saving elements are implemented in new builds. These include:

  • An open floor plan design. Open-plan layouts improve the energy efficiency of a property. Air circulation is enhanced and the need to use heating or cooling is reduced. As sunlight can filter through the open design easily, natural light is another benefit that reduces the need to use electric lights as much as you would in a closed floor plan design.
  • Effective insulation. Every new build is built with energy-efficient insulation in the wall cavities, loft and floors. Double glazing is also installed to help keep the heat in and the cold out. All of these insulation features help to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and lower your energy bills.
  • Solar power. Solar panels are installed on the roofs of new builds where possible to heat the water. This reduces the cost of your energy bills as well the lowering the carbon emissions produced.
  • Water-saving systems. Various water-saving features are used in the kitchens and bathrooms of new builds. These include water-efficient showers and toilets as well as flow-restricted taps to control water usage.
  • Low-energy lighting. Energy-saving lightbulbs are fitted in new builds. These considerably reduce the amount of electricity used and last far longer than standard lightbulbs.
  • An energy-efficient heating system. Different types of heating systems are installed in new builds with increased energy efficiency in mind. These can include high-efficiency boilers or air source heat pumps, for example. Zoned heating allows you to set the temperature for different parts of your home.
  • High-efficiency appliances. As well as the installation of energy-efficient boilers, new builds usually include other appliances that have a high energy-efficiency rating. For example, the new-build home you’ve viewed in Bexleyheath may have been fitted with a washing machine that has a high efficiency rating. The higher the ratings are for the appliances, the lower your energy bills will be.
  • Electric vehicle charge points. Some developments include electric charge points for vehicles. This will become more widespread in the future as regulations are in place that state charging points for electric vehicles must be installed for new residential homes with parking included. The regulations took effect on 15th June 2022 and apply to properties in England. The regulations don’t affect properties where planning applications were delivered before that date.

The benefits of energy-efficient new builds

There are many advantages that the energy efficiency of a new build has to offer:

  • Cheaper energy bills. You can save a considerable amount of money on your energy bills compared with an older property in Bexley.
  • Lower carbon emissions. The materials, design aspects, systems and appliances that help to maximise energy efficiency in a new build all help the environment. By owning a new build, you’ll significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Built to a high standard. New builds have to meet strict building regulations, which include those for heating and ventilation. Specific energy-efficiency standards have to be met and the use of new building materials and techniques adhered to.
  • More desirable. Properties with a high energy-efficiency rating are more desirable than those with low ratings. As new builds have high ratings on their Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), prospective buyers are often prepared to pay more for them than similar, older properties with low ratings.
  • Faster appreciation in value. The energy efficiency of new-build properties contributes to them appreciating faster than older properties. This makes them a good investment opportunity.
  • More competitive mortgages in the future. As the demand for energy-efficient properties is increasing, so too is the demand for new build mortgages. A goal has also been set by the government’s Future Homes Standards, which is to come into effect in 2025, to significantly reduce carbon emissions in new builds by 75% to 80% compared with the current energy-efficiency requirements for new builds. This means lenders not only need to compete for the increased new build mortgage demand but are being encouraged to offer better deals to those buying energy-efficient properties.

Get expert mortgage advice when buying a new build

Whether you want to move to a more energy-efficient home, are looking for an investment or are a first-time buyer, new build properties have a lot to offer. Our mortgage brokers are skilled at arranging competitive mortgages for new builds in Kent, London and Edinburgh. Just give us a call on 01322 907 000 to get started on your application. If you need help with funding your purchase, our mortgage experts can advise you on the schemes available, such as Deposit Unlock, the First Homes Scheme and shared ownership. They can also arrange your mortgage protection and new build home insurance to give you peace of mind that you’re covered against unexpected issues.