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Mortgage Advice In Welling, Bexley

Remortgage: ease your financial pressure during the coronavirus pandemic

With the financial impact caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, you may be considering a remortgage…

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Will a mortgage holiday help you during the coronavirus lockdown?

With the lockdown continuing in light of the coronavirus pandemic, you may find yourself under…

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Mortgage Brokers In London

How to get ready for your mortgage application during lockdown​

While the government has all but put the brakes on the property market due to…

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A historic low – how the new base rate affects your mortgage​

In reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, the Bank of England reduced the base rate to…

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Mortgage Advice In Welling, Bexley

The main types of property survey

A property survey assesses the condition of the property you’re looking to buy. An inspection…

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Applying For A Mortgage London

Porting your mortgage

Porting your mortgage — can you take your mortgage with you? As a homeowner looking…

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Help To Buy Mortgage London

How the Bank of Mum and Dad can help you buy your home

Like many people, you can’t wait to get your foot on the property ladder but…

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Letting Your Property London

The different mortgage types to consider

You’re excited to buy a property and ready to apply for a mortgage but with…

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Borrowing In To Retirement

Gazumping: what it means and how you can avoid it

You’ve found your dream home, your offer has been accepted and you’re celebrating…but then the…

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Applying For A Mortgage

Lifetime ISAs

What is a Lifetime ISA? A Lifetime ISA (LISA) is an account that’s specifically designed…

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Funding Home Improvements London

8 tips for first-time buyers

You’re ready to take your first step on the property ladder but where do you…

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House Buying London

What to avoid as a first-time buyer

Buying your first home is really exciting but it can also feel like a minefield…

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Your mortgage deposit explained

How much you need and how to save up for it You’re ready to buy…

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Mortgage Types London

Help to Buy schemes

What are they and are you eligible? Whether you’re looking to buy your first property…

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